87% of organizations that do without Feasibility Studies FAIL.

97% of organizations that conduct Feasibility Studies SUCCEED.

The reason for the dramatic difference between success and failure is that the information gathered during the study is assimilated into the organization leadership’s decision-making process as they move forward from that point on.  The benefits of conducting a feasibility study include:

  • The organization’s plans can be established within a context of rational financial goals.
  • The study tests the reality of the project’s contributed income requirements.
  • It uncovers valuable insights into community perceptions of the organization.
  • Interviewees help identify potential volunteer leaders with the peer relationships needed for the campaign to succeed.
  • Interviewees also help identify potential major gift donors and new prospects with whom the organization might not be familiar.
  • Potential leaders and major gift donors will become more familiar with the organization’s programs, aspirations and need for the capital project.
  • The study includes recommendations that enable the organization to strengthen, position and organize its internal and external resources to meet the challenge of a major fundraising campaign.
  • If the organization is not yet ready for a capital or endowment campaign, the report will contain specific recommendations concerning the steps needed to strengthen its position within the philanthropic community.

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